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Hugh Allan Royal Naval Air Service (Casualty No. 845)
The Eton College Roll of Honour is a private project aimed at producing a multi-volume roll for the 1159 Old Etonians who fell during The Great War. Whilst some public schools such as Harrow (6 Volumes) and Rugby (7 Volumes) produced this type of commemorative piece following the war; at Eton an equally ambitious project in another vein was published in a single volume, with details of every Old Etonian who served during the course of World War One. It is estimated that owing to the large number of old boys who fell, the new roll will consist of some 11 volumes and will consist of a biogaphy for each man on the original list and as far as possible three images; one of each man at Eton, in the armed forces and a photograph of their grave or relevant memorial panel. Because of the intended scale of the finished piece, the roll is not intended for publication, but to be bound and donated to the school. It is, however the intended that presentation copies of an individual entry be made available to the relatives of any casualty, along with any contibutor to that entry should they wish to have one. E. L. Vaughan's original list comprised 1157 names. So far 8 additions have been made to his list (including some from his own addenda) and there is 1 more pending. They are as follows: Bernard A M Drake 7.5.1915 Bruno Schroder September 1915 Cecil Mascall-Thompson 21.01.1916 Edward Wellesley 2.10.1916 Claude Arthur Askew 5.10.1917 Jasper Francis Royds 9.11.1917 Charles Austin Pittar 28.08.1921 Robert Anstruther 22.07.1922
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